LUSH (a monthly LGBTQ+ & friends event every 2nd Friday)
Friday, April 14
(a monthly LGBTQ+ & friends event)

Join us for a new monthly dance party for our LGBTQ+ community and friends! This is a safe space to get your groove on. Hosted every 2nd Friday by DJ DYOPS featuring special guest DJs.

DJ Die Wies:

Sarge is a freeflow DJ, spinning in the vein of trap hiphop, and urban club bangers, while adding her own style and pop culture humor. She loves to throw in the occasional Saturday morning cartoon theme song to dip the audience’s toes in nostalgia and childlike playfulness. Always digging to discover new artists, finding hidden gems and sampling the unexpected, Sarge’s main passion is connecting people and cultures through music. From Spain to the American South to Copenhagen to Camden Town to the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas, she has a musical timeline map connecting the places she’s been. Though she still loves to travel and is a hired gun anywhere in the world, now you can mostly find DJ Die Wies in the Bay Area at venues and events like The Stud, The Great Northern, 620 Jones, SF Pride, The SF Queer Nightlife Fund, Jolene’s and most recently Naples, Italy at an Embassy! Next stop.. Japan!


DYOPS gravitates towards music that gets your body moving and takes the crowd on a musical journey. Initially motivated on the dancefloor to begin DJing, her eclectic sets range from Hip Hop and R&B to Afrobeats and House to Trap and Bass. She takes great care in cultivating a musical experience for the audience with every performance. DYOPS was a resident DJ at Jasper’s in Sebastopol where LUSH originated. She is also a regular DJ for Russian River Women’s Weekend’s Friday night dance parties. DYOPS has performed at Lightning in a Bottle and Northern Nights music festivals as well as many venues throughout Northern California.

AGES: 21+