LUSH - Pride Month Party
Friday, June 09

(a monthly LGBTQ+ & friends event)

Join us for Pride Month at LUSH - a monthly dance party for our LGBTQ+ community and friends! This is a safe space to get your groove on. Hosted by DJ DYOPS with special guest DJ Reckless this month!


Bay Area raised 106.1 KMEL kid. 94.9 gets an honorable mention, but KMEL was my first love. When I was a teenager, I met LIVE 105 and my mind was sorta blown. Growing up in a black household I knew Motown, Funk, R&B and Soul like the back of my hand. Radio gave me contemporary black music… But Alternative! This was a brand new flavor for my ear. Then late one Saturday, I discovered Subsonic on LIVE 105 where this exclusively Alternative (except Eminem which was super weird. But now I get it. He’s white and that’s crazy.) radio station was taken over by EDM and this was like math and music colliding to me and scratched an itch I didn’t even know I had. The movie The Salton Sea introduced me to Jazz, and I became obsessed with seeking out new sounds from that point on.

Today I DJ in different environments pulling music from all of the influences throughout my life and it’s incredibly fun and humbling. It allows me to take all of the different colors of music I’ve experienced, and paint emotions and ideas and memories. I hope I never stop hearing music the way I do and that I always have a creative outlet with which to express my auditory collages with the people who want to hear them.


DYOPS was inspired to become a DJ after getting involved in the music festival scene years ago. She wanted to create the same magical feeling she experienced while dancing to DJ sets at festivals and shows. Growing up immersed in punk music as a roadie in high school, music has always been DYOPS' refuge.

DYOPS' sets are all about getting the audience moving, with an eclectic range of genres including Hip Hop, Afrobeats, House, R&B, Downtempo, and Bass. She takes pride in curating a musical journey for her audiences filled with lusty peaks and sultry valleys, constantly digging for new music to add to her diverse collection.

As a resident DJ at Vintage Space at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa, DYOPS hosts LUSH - a monthly dance party for the LGBTQ+ community. She is also the DJ for North Bay Cabaret and has performed at many venues and for clients all over California, as well as Lightning in a Bottle and Northern Nights music festivals.

With her ability to curate an unforgettable musical experience and her dedication to discovering new music, DYOPS is a rising talent in the DJ scene.


AGES: 21+